Biblioteka jest czynna w dni powszednie w godz. 9.00-14.00.

Międzynarodowa konferencja Biblical Thomism

W dniach 4-6 kwietnia 2019 r. będziemy po raz kolejny gościć międzynarodową konferencję poświęconą tomizmowi biblijnemu. Temat tegorocznej konferencji brzmi “Identity and Tradition. Thomas Aquinas and the Church Fathers”.

Plan konferencji:

Thursday, April 4th

7.30 – Holy Mass in the Chapel of the Seminary of Toruń

Plenary session (Chair: Jörgen Vijgen)

9.00 – Introduction

9.15 – Martin Morard (CNRS – Paris) : Catena aurea electronica. New Perspectives on the Catena, its History and Sources in Light of the ongoing Scientific Edition

10.00 – Carmelo Conticello (CNRS-Paris) : Theophylactus latinus. The Thomist Reception of Theophylact of Bulgary

10.45 – Discussion

11.15 – Coffee Break

  • 11.30 – Round table session 1
    • 11.30 – Jörgen Vijgen (Belgium): The Patristic Sources of Thomas’ Treatment of Penance
    • 12.15 –Joseph Arias (USA), Augustine and Aquinas on the Terminal State of Unbaptized Infants
    • 12.45 – John Baptist Ku OP (USA): Divine Innascibility in the Theology of Ss. Gregory Nazianzen and Thomas Aquinas
    • 13.15 – discussion
  • 13.45 – Lunch (Faculty of Theology, room 55)
  • 14.00-15.30 – Book Presentation
  • 15.30-17.00 – Paper presentations
  • Session 1

15.30 – Gioacchino Curiello (UK): Thomas Aquinas on the Corpus Dionysiacum’s translations

16.00 – Andrej Kutarňa (Czech Republic): Hierarchy and Likeness – Ways to Union with God in Pseudo-Dionysius and Aquinas

16.30 – Tomasz Stępień (Poland): Essentia, virtutes operationes – Remarks on the Patristic Sources of  Aquinas’ Methodology in the Summa Theologiae

  • Session 2

15.30 – Jane Sloan Peters (USA):  Theophylact of Ochrid as a Resource for Thomas Aquinas

16.00 – Blanca Gallostra (Spain): Aquinas’ Patristic Debts regarding the Doctrine of Glory

16.30 – Fainche Ryan (Ireland): Aquinas and Augustin on lying

  • Session 3

15.30 – Mirosław Mróz (Poland): The Motif of ‘living water’ in the Conversation between Jesus and the Woman of Samaria. Patristic sources in the Exegesis of Aquinas in Jn 4: 1-42

16.00 – Austin Stevenson (UK): The Ignorance of Christ. Christological Logic and Patristic Interpretations of Mark 13:32

16.30 – Martin Bai Ziqiang (Philippines): Relation in the Trinitarian Theology: St. Thomas and the Church Fathers

  • Session 4
    00 – Jeffrey M. Walkey (USA): Habituation into Truth and The Exegetical Task: A Thomistic Metaphysical Apologia for the Role of Natural Knowledge in Scriptural Exegesis

15.30 – Jacco Verburgt (Netherlands): ‘Quia integram fidei veritatem continebat’: Some Thoughts on the Importance of the Pseudo-Athanasian Creed for Aquinas

16.00 – David Torrijos (Spain): The commentaries of Boethius and Aquinas on the De interpretatione of Aristotle

  • 16.00 – Conference dinner in Collegium Maximum with concert (Polish traditional music)

Friday, April 5th

  • Plenary session (Chair: Piotr Roszak)
    • 9.00 – Serge-Thomas Bonino O.P. (Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome) : The Place of the Church Fathers in the Angelology of St. Thomas Aquinas
    • 9.45 – Enrique Alarcón (University of Navarra, Pamplona) : Albert the Great and the Reception of Pseudo-Dionysius’ Metaphysics of Being in Thomas Aquinas
    • 10.30 – Discussion
    • 11.00 – Coffee Break
  • 15 Round table session 2
    • 11.15 – Randal Smith (USA): Thomas Aquinas, Irenaeus, and the Natural Law
    • 11.45 – John O’Callaghan (USA): Aquinas and the Church Fathers: Compassion and Mercy
    • 12.15 – Michał Mrozek OP (Poland): The Treatise on the Virtues and on the Gifts in Light of the Patristic Sources quoted by Aquinas in the Summa Theologiae, I-II, q. 49-70
    • 12.45 – discussion
  • 13.15 – Lunch (Faculty of Theology, room 55)
  • 15.00-16.30 – Paper presentations
  • Session 5

15.30 – Piotr Goniszewski (Polska): Intertextual approach to Aquinas’ quotations from the Church Fathers

16.00 – Tinatin Mshvidobadze (Georgia): Thomas Aquinas’ Creation Analysis and the Effectiveness of Online Bible Dictionaries for the Study of Biblical Commentaries

16.30 – Hugh Barbour OPraem (USA): Beatitudo est gaudium de veritate: St. Thomas’ use of the Confessions of St Augustine

  • Session 6

15.00 – Laurem Simms (USA): The Priesthood of the Baptized in Augustine, Chrysostom, and Aquinas

15.30 – Reginald Lynch OP (USA): Eucharistic Sacrifice and Moral Virtue in Aquinas and Augustine

16.00 – Magdalena Płotka (Poland): ‘Utrum fruendum sit solo Deo’: Thomas Aquinas on the Augustinian concept of secular enjoyment

  • 16.30 – 17.00: Break
  • 17.00-18.30: Paper presentations
  • Session 7

17.00 – Andrzej Kubanowski (Polska): The Human Injustice in Concrete Vices according to Caesarius of Arles and Thomas Aquinas – Questiones Selectae

17.30 –  Marcin Janecki (Poland): Secundum sententiam sanctorum patrum: usage de sources patristiques dans « Lectura super epistolam ad Galatas » de Thomas d’Aquin”.

  • Session 8

17.00 – Connor McDonough OP (Ireland): Christ’s headship of the Church in Augustine, the early scholastics, and Aquinas

17.30 – Mark Foudy (USA): How Cyril of Alexandria influenced Thomas Aquinas’ understanding of the Hypostatic Union and his rejection of the Homo-Assumptus Theory.

18.00 – Inês Bolinhas (Portugal): Mary Magdalene according to St. Thomas Aquinas

  • Session 9

17.00 – Josh Blander (USA): Origen, Aquinas, and Scotus on Restoration from Sin, and the Possibility and Power for Sinning

17.30 – Augusto Casanova (Chile): Aquinas on sins of lust contra natura

18.00 – Jordan McFadden (Ireland): Augustine, Gregory the Great, and Aquinas on Immoral Dreams


Saturday, April 6th

  • Plenary Session (Chair: Michal Mrozek OP)
    • 9.00 – Dominic Legge O.P. (Dominican House of Studies, Washington D.C.): Aquinas and the Fathers on the Mind of Christ: Christ’s Human Knowledge and Our Salvation
    • 9.45 – Anton ten Klooster (Tilburg University – Tilburg/Utrecht): Aquinas’ adaptation of Augustine’s interpretation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit
    • 10.30 – Discussion
    • 11.00 – Coffee Break
  • 11.15 – Round table session 3
    • 11.15 – Piotr Roszak (Poland), Church Fathers and Theological Methods in Aquinas
    • 11.45 – Shawn Colberg (USA): Saint Thomas and Saint Augustine on Grace, Justification, and Merit
    • 12.15 – Paul Rogers (UK), Church Fathers and the sensus fidelium: Conflict or Convergence?

12.45 – Discussion

  • 15 – Concluding session and discussion
  • 30 – Lunch and End of Conference
  • 00 – Guided Tour – Medieval Toruń

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